Online LumboPelvic Management Course 

Learn to manage Lumbopelvic pathologies ranging from nonspecific low back pain, to radiculopathy, stenosis and chronic pain. Over 30 videos on with step by step instruction on thrust and non thrust mobilizations directed to the TL junction, Lumbopelvic region and hip. Also covered is neurodynamics and functional movement patterns.

CEU's: Waiting on Approval

Online Cervico-Thoracic 

Management Course 

Learn to manage the Cervicothoracic pathologies. Demystify CAD and manipulation. Learn how to effectively treat mechanical neck pain, radiculopathy, concussions, whiplash, headaches, and more. Over 20 videos on non thrust and not thrust mobilizations and variations with step by step instruction as if you were in an in-person course. Techniques address AA and OA region, mid and lower cervical spine, CT junction, Thoracic spine and rib mobilizations. 

CEU's: Awaiting Approval

Online Spinal Manipulation


Want to get more confident and comfortable performing spinal manipulations, this is the course for you! Learn over 25 techniques and variations with step by step instruction to allow you to start implementing these techniques immediately! Relevant research reviewed, an in-depth review on safety on performing manipulations as well as drills to perform to improve your speed and overall comfort of performing manipulations

Online Extremity 



This short course teaches you how to perform Peripheral joint manipulations from the SC joint all the down to the great toe and everything in between. Relevant research reviews indications and pathologies to use these techniques and intervention for.

Online Neurodynamic's


The missing piece in the treatment of musculoskeletal pathologies. Often over looked and only used as an exam test. We take in deep dive into neurodynamic anatomy and physiology, use cases, and indications. We also go into advance treatment of neurodynamcis and how to combined with joint mobilizations, cupping, partnered neurodynamics.