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Want to improve your skillset and confidence when treating patients?

Proven courses that are designed  to help you improve your clinical decision making, manual skills and confidence and make you a better clinician.

Tired of underwhelming courses that leave you little to desire? 

Residency & Fellowship level courses, designed to bring you the highest quality of courses that will be worth your time and money.  


Want to take your career to the next level? 

In person and online courses, manual therapy mentorship, video library, private Facebook community and consulting to help you take your career to the next level.


In Person Courses 

Looking to improve and refine the way you manage patients? Looking to add the use of joint based manual therapy or the use of neurodynamics to your practice patterns?

  • Management Courses 

  • Manipulation Courses 

  • Neurodyanmic Courses 


Online Courses, 

Memberships, & Mentoring 

Don't have the time or live too far to take one of our Live Courses? Thats ok, you can get the same content with our online courses.


We also have an online video library of     manual therapy videos which has over 120 videos on manual therapy for the spine and extremities with step-by -step instruction.

  • Online Courses

  • Manual Therapy Membership

  • Virtual Mentoring 



Set up a live call with Dr. Cruz or Dr. Boyd to discuss the profession, ambition, whether or not to partake in a residency or how to start your own practice.

  • Starting your own practice 

  • Marketing 

  • Financial Guidance 

  • Join a residency, fellowship, or our Mentorship program.


Host a Course 

Want to host a course for your staff and give them all the same skill set for continuity within your company? 


Not big enough but want to host a course in your area? 

  • Offer Staff Development 

  • Improve consistency between therapists 

  • Become a leader in your area.



See what your peers are saying about us!

Dr. Dan Park PT, OCS

Physical Therapist/ Owner of Perfect Stride 

I took this course to get a better understanding and improve my confidence with joint manipulation. I really enjoyed how we got hands on feedback from the main instructors. I liked that fact that Brandon is very knowledgeable and it shows in how he teaches the course and interacts with everyone.

Dr. Christina Rodriguez PT, OCS

Director at HSS

I took this course knowing that it would help me with my manual skills and refine the techniques I already knew as well as give me some more treatment options. Brandon & Jeremy were great at answering questions, providing feedback and modifying techniques to make it easier for me.

Dr. Justin Haus PT,CSCS

Orthopedic Resident 

Jeremy & Brandon do an awesome job focusing in on practicing manual therapy. They give you the most up-to-date research. I can't recommend their courses enough, this is my third course, and can't wait for the next one!








Dr. Jeremy Boyd PT, OCS, SCS, FiT



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