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Dr. Brandon Cruz and Dr. Jeremy Boyd created their continuing education courses to improve the skill set, clinical decision making and confidence of clinicians. After completing their residency program in orthopedics and continuing on to fellowship programs they realized the need for higher level quality of courses. Courses that are more clinically based and build on each other to give clinicians a consistent message and set of tools they get build off of so they can handle any complexity of patient that they may encounter. To often clinicians take various courses on taping, or movement, manual therapy and after a 3-5 years of treating they still don't feel confident and comfortable in treating all patients and us little if any of of those courses. 

All of the courses here at Pursue PT have been created to layer and build off of each other, similar to what you would receive in a residency and or fellowship program, without the cost and time commitment. This allows for continuity in a framework to develop and refine clinical decision and clinical reasoning as well as time to practice and integrate was has been taught. Dr.Cruz & Dr. Boyd bring you the most up to date research in a compact easy to digest manner, allowing for greater time for the lab portion of the course to practice and obtain feedback on manual therapy and the therex component. Classes have a small student to instructor ratio to provide personalized feedback to allow you to be come comfortable performing the manual techniques and how to adjust them so they work for your body size and skill set. 

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